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Police from China, Myanmar, Laos and Thailand cooperated on the Naw investigation but were hampered by the overlapping laws of each country.In the Global Times interview Liu says he and his counterparts had to respect each of the four countries' laws and customs, which led to at least four separate instances of Naw evading capture.Naw was found guilty on all counts and sentenced to death.

In his interview, Liu did not address the international complications a cross-border drone strike in Myanmar might have created.Image: Imgur the problem is, when one faction takes it upon themselves to drone strike against terrorists in spite of any national borders, agreements and/or affected civilians, another faction will naturally claim it as their god-given right to drone strike against drug lords/rebels/dissidents/civilians/whatever takes their fancy.This is something we will se more of in the future, as Russia and China gets the technology and confidence to emulate US behavior and violate their neighbors in a multitude of new and interesting ways; China is just getting started, there's much, much more to come.well, the guy might reasonably have been a threat to individuals in China, which makes him no different from the way terrorist are a threat to the US; no terrorist organisation are in any way an even a remotely serious threat to the US as a nation, the only thing they threaten are the lives on individual americans, and that would arguably make this drug lord comparatively dangerous, as he has apparently ordered various large killings and stuff.It still seems like the larger point is not that drones are inherently bad, but that we face a threat from governments' lack of respect for transparency, international law and citizens' rights.Many fake Aadhar cards recovered from 7th illegal Myanmar Muslim immigrants along with1 from Chennai Earlier some Rohingya were also arrested with fake documents in the border town moreh of immediate attentions of @[email protected] [email protected]@Rajat Ak— Nongthombam Biren (@NBiren Singh) May 15, 2018As seen above, CM Biren claimed that apart from “illegal Myanmar Muslims” an individual from Chennai too was caught with fake Aadhar cards.

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I suppose, however, that drones do make it cheaper and easier to engage in domestic spying. Manned planes also malfunction and crash into populated areas from time to time.

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