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The Driscolls are careful to stipulate that these are activities spouses may participate in by mutual agreement, but not that they must participate in (p. No spouse should be manipulated into doing anything that violates his or her conscience (p. Yet the Driscolls give explicit instructions to wives about how they might sodomize their husbands in a pleasurable way (p. Yet where in the Bible is such an activity ever commended?

The Bible only contemplates such activities in the context of homosexual relationships.

As a husband I would not want my wife to read some of what this chapter contains. It is one thing to address specific questions that have arisen within the marriage relationship; it’s another thing altogether to introduce those questions to the marriage relationship.

Now Driscoll and wife Grace have produced a book on marriage, entitled . In the book Mark Driscoll tells of a revelation that he received about his wife having sex, and he feels it right and proper to put these facts about his wife into the public arena.

The most provocative of all involves sodomy within marriage.

Early in the chapter they provide a grid that they say can be used to answer any question of this nature and then simply pass each act through that grid.

Words cannot describe the ignorance, arrogance and flagrant homoeroticism of these sites.’ In his ‘I see things’ outburst, Driscoll gives a graphic account of a woman in his congregation committing adultery in a hotel room, describing the sex act in graphic detail.

Driscoll’s obsession with salacious sex is again brought into the open.

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The Bible condemns the “unnatural” use of bodies between persons of the same-sex (Rom. Why would Christian couples emulate that unnatural use in the marital bed?

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