Mac not software updating

Make sure any software that you rely on is compatible with the latest version of mac OS before you take the plunge.

You may have to wipe your Mac and reinstall mac OS if you need to go back.

Keeping your Mac up-to-date may seem like a chore, but it’s an essential part of protecting yourself online.

Apple and app developers patch security holes when they’re found—and they add helpful new features to mac OS and your applications, too.

These include updates for the XProtect anti-malware feature built into mac OS.You could also fully restore your current mac OS system state from a Time Machine backup—assuming you created one first.Before installing updates for your core operating system, it’s always a good idea to have a backup to hand in case things go wrong.System data files are often only installed when you use a feature that relies on them.Some examples include speech recognition assets, improvements to your Mac’s text to speech capabilities, fonts, and dictionary definitions.

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Enabling “Download new updates when available” will download any available system updates and notify you when they’re ready to install.

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