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I've worked with so many makeup artists that I pick up things.But that doesn't mean I can do someone else's face.He also revealed something very interesting : The song 'Dil dhoondtha, hai phir wohi, fursat ki' from the film Mausam was initially tuned with one of the songs of this movie "Tere liye, hum hain jiye".Try singing the song from Mausam now with the tunes of 'Tere Liye', you will know what I mean !That rumor has since killed itself, because everyone was like, ' They've been doing movies together for five years.'""My hair's better, right?[Laughs] This picture is of Alice and Bella getting ready for a wedding, which is of course a huge, fun thing for Alice; not so much for Bella.

Kellan Lutz reunited with this Twilight co-stars Ashley Greene and Peter Facinelli this weekend to participate in the Mammoth International Film Festival's Inaugural Charity Celebrity Bowling Tournament.

We were in one of these little pop-out homes, and I was just so happy.

Actually, I think this is the picture that sparked all the rumors that we were dating.

Makes me miss Florida.""Especially with the male [characters] and teenage girls.gaga.

It was a huge party with super-really-good friends, and it was a fun, fun time.""We are buddies.

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