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Founded in London in 2014, Vie Loco lets you explore other users’ profiles, with photos, personal videos, fun biographies, and interests.The app also allows chatting, live streaming, and lets users send each other gifts.This makes Klip the world’s first quality video dating app.The people behind the idea insist that videos make users’ profiles more lively and fun to watch.On Fuse can listen to someone’s voice, picture their world, and get to know their essentials – like what they love, hate, and want – before you match or meet.

SHAKN aims to disrupt traditional e-dating with a fresh approach to enriched profiles.

Also, in comparison to old-fashioned methods for researching partners such as personal advertisements or speed dating – which were awkwardly popular in the late ’90s – these digital surrogates are much safer and less time consuming.

Here is a list of 10 European startups that are incredibly invested in your love life and will get you hooked in no time: was founded in 2015 in Latvia.

It’s not your average dating app, but based on 10 principles, called the “BUB code” – including “love yourself”, “let go of expectations”, and “be someone you want to be around”.

The app uses details of your past breakups to connect you to like-minded people and create a community.

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