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She has two or three helpers who relieve her on some afternoons but there is little money to hire help.“Each day Koko and I talk about the things she has learned,” Miss Patterson said.

“I teach her new vocabulary and do regular intelligence testing and sampling of her utterances. Her full name is Hannabi‐Ko, which in Japanese means fireworks child. For the last two years Miss Patterson's research has been supported by the Spencer Foundation.

Koko is acquiring signs at a fasters rate than Washoe did, Miss Patterson said in a recent interview.

Moreover, a group of gorillas recently scored higher in set learning tasks (a method devised to test ape intelligence) than a group of chimpanzees.

PALO ALTO, Calif., June 26—Experiments with a captive gorilla here suggest that gorillas, long considered less intelligent than chimpanzees, may prove to be their intellectual rivals.

Koko, an almost 4‐year‐old female lowland gorilla who lives in a house trailer at Stanford.

When Koko wants attention, Miss Patterson said, she grabs the phone off the hook, gets into the soap closet or opens the refrigerator and steals her favorite food—which is presently loquats.

An adventurous epicure, Koko eats almost any vegetable matter put before her.

She likes to charge the big neutered bulls that always to her chagrin, ignore her. Koko breaks toys at a brisk pace, even ones guaranteed to be “indestructible.” Koko is potty trained but she does not empty it after each use.

She is good about going to bed at night although she sometimes has nightmares.

She is very frightened by any loud noise but she is pretty nearly impervious to pain, Miss Patterson said.

Makes Up Own Words Miss Patterson said that Koko uses language creatively.

“She Occasionally makes up new words [signs] which are amazingly appropriate and she is able to string known words together in novel and meaningful constructions. The reasons gorillas have not been studied as much as chimps, Miss Patterson said, are that gorillas are scarcer, their great size is intimidating and they suffer a bad reputation from the popular literature of past decades.

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