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He left the bureau after losing faith in his skills because of the murder of his old friend by a serial killer.

However, they are taking their time knowing each other and working out for their relationship as friends.Sometimes we get inside a show so much that we forget that the actors are real people with a different life than the one we see on screens.‘Criminal Minds’ has been on the air for more than thirteen years, and you’d be surprised by the real-life spouses of the main cast. His character, Agent Gideon, doesn’t have the best personal life.The graduate from the Santa Carla University would never have thought that the modeling he took to pay his bills would eventually make him a star one day.Yes, Shemar Moore, 47 started modeling to pay his bills but turned his fate upside down when he appeared in Living Stone as Jon Marc in 1995.

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Shemar's mother even is well aware of Anabelle, but Shemar is yet not in a hurry having a parental meet and greet.

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