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So you’ve booked your flight and are planning your first Iran trip itinerary. If it’s your first trip, I suggest you do the so-called “classic tour” and tick off your list the most famous places to visit in Iran.

Modern Persia is not just a big country, it’s also packed with historical places, art, and a diverse natural landscape.

Here are some of the things to do in Shiraz if you decide to include it in the itinerary of your Iran trip. Impossible to not include Persepolis on your list of places to visit in Iran.

Tehran became the capital of Iran in the 19th century during the Qajar era.

Located along and framed by the southern side of Alborz mountain range of mountains, with almost 8 million people, Tehran is the country’s most populated city.

Less touristy and crowded than the Grand Bazaar, Tajrish Bazaar is packed with pretty good quality shops.

Do here your shopping if you like to take your time.

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