Intimidating movie lines

That one question puts enough doubt in Dewey's mind about his own survival.

Part of what makes Raylan such an interesting character is that he is an incredibly angry man and someone who maybe shouldn't be wearing a lawman's badge.

be careful with those, you don't want to fall and break something. Let me give you a "hand."Hanson: Why, that's awful kind of you.

If you're listening and I know you're up there, thanks for all this food, since it's the least you could do.

He could stand up to any criminals and remain cool, calm and collected.

Not only was he intimidating with his firearm, but he had plenty of awesome one-liners to put the bad guys in their place.

So what's the best way to get in the spooky spirit?

A trip to a nearby haunted house will definitely freak you out, but you can get the same feeling just by reading these scary quotes.

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