Import error when updating

Blank values will not overwrite existing values on the user profile, and you do not need to include all existing user attributes in your CSV file. If you import a user with a column header important: Arrays, Push Tokens, and Custom Event data types are not supported in User Import.

Especially for Arrays, commas in your CSV file will be interpreted as a column separator; therefore, any commas in values will cause errors parsing the file.

You can also roll your conda installation back to an older version, if you had it working before, though this will downgrade any updates you’ve added since then.

Most frequently, I seem to have trouble with “dylib” files in curl, c , libpng, and other libraries that conda has installed for various packages. Unfortunately, I haven’t really found a one-size-fits-all solution, so I typically bounce back and forth between some of the steps below till things work again.

If you’re getting an related to some sort of dylib file, you’re not alone. My advice here is to be persistent and keep a log of what you’ve done. If the issue is still there, I try to install a conda-forge version of the packages/libraries, since it’s possible that another person has already encountered this issue and has posted an update on that channel. Move library to a new environment or revert to old conda revision.

It is important to examine the full file before upload as well.

Braze does not scan every row of the input file at this stage; errors can exist which Braze does not catch while generating this preview.

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