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Start the demo now Convinced by the power of the CDISC ODM Checker ? Companies interested in obtaining a license for incorporating the CDISC ODM Checker into their own system (e.g. We will be happy to make the necessary adaptions to the CDISC ODM Checker so that it fits into your own IT systems for working with the CDISC set of standards.

CDISC members can obtain the CDISC ODM Checker for free, an e-mail containing your full credentials suffices. The ODM Checker has not been updated (yet) for CDISC ODM 1.3.

It is very powerful, and allows to describe many of the rules that cannot be described using XML-Schema.

As it is XML itself, it is as well human- as machine-readable.

performing a first, rough check without checking against the metadata.

Start the demo now The demo shows the checking of an ODM file which has a large number of inconformities, especially in the Study section (containing the study setup).However, XML-Schema cannot describe all the rules of the standard, and that is exactly why we have developed the ODM Checker.A new, additional, (W3C standard) rules-based validation language has been emerging during the last years: Schematron.It includes integrated support for managing archival materials from acquisition through processing, a customizable interface, ingest of legacy data in multiple formats (e.g.EAD and MARCXML), rapid data entry interface for creating container lists, generation of reports, export of EAD 2002, MARC XML, METS, MODS, and Dublin Core, and support for desktop or networked, single- or multi-repository installations.

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