I am dating a recovering alcoholic

Therapist Veronica Valli, who is also in long-term recovery, says: "I didn't have relationships, I took hostages, because I was so scared that no one would love me or that if they got close to me, they would leave.

"Like, there's a whole fun aspect and there's the, 'Let's have a conversation about the opioid crisis and let's push the conversation to help people.' We try to cover both." Welcome to "Sex with Sandra," a column by Sandra Song about the ever-changing face of sexuality.

This style is characterized by a person experiencing mixed feelings about close relationships.

While they desire to have intimate relationships, they feel uncomfortable with being too emotionally close to a person. I’m anxious-preoccupied — as if that wasn’t obvious! I finally understood why I sought out substances to numb the constant fear of abandonment, as well as why I sought out insecure attachments in my relationships.

The types of insecure attachments are: This style is often characterized as “clingy.” The person seeks high levels of intimacy, approval, and responsiveness from partners.

This is indicated by a desire for a great deal of independence and the sense that they’ll never get too close to others.

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