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This is the first dating show I’ve seen with a trans contestant, a nonbinary contestant, and serious conversations about gender identity and sexuality.But it also doesn’t betray its lowbrow roots: everyone kisses everyone, and there is non-stop jealousy and arguing.But what works so well about this currently airing season is that all of the contestants are “sexually fluid” and allowed to hook up with anyone, instead of relying on the boring hetero couple formula that every other show employs.

Back in January, the USA network debuted a reboot of FOX’s which originally ran from 2001 to 2003.But the best of these is , MTV’s needlessly complicated dating show.The producers use a matchmaking algorithm to secretly pair up couples and, throughout the season, the contestants live together while trying to figure out who everyone’s “perfect” match is.The reason I keep going back to OGthat can’t be watched while eating—is because I needed something that felt decidedly less cerebral, something I could only half pay attention to.Anything that would make me temporarily more invested in horrible couples I’ll never meet than in our daily realities.

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