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But my role model is no longer the woman who lit her husband's oil lamp for so many years that he forgot who she was, I strive now to be like the great princess Draupadi.The most famous story of Draupadi is the dice game.One of the evil cousins comes over to strip off her clothes and she prays to Krishna. He pulls and pulls and pulls on the pallu and it just keeps going, never disrobing her.Soon he is in a mountain of cloth and she is still clothed. The king is so freaked that he tells her to choose a favor. The king does so and offers another favor, but she refuses.When a young bride first goes to her new home, in some places it is tradition for her to be taken straight to the kitchen to cook a perfectly round roti (like a tortilla) to prove her worth in household duties. This idea of the man being superior is not part of the religion, it's just a habit of men to think that way because they have the power.

One of them was in a dice match with an evil Uncle who was cheating.I still have in my mind all the stories of good women who were meek, obeyed their husbands, and were phenomenal at housework.I was taught to always cook fresh food, never serve my family leftovers, to do housework with no expectation of praise or reward.For some reason an idea came up that to be born as a woman is a lesser embodiment and that all souls strive to be men in their births.(This is completely ridiculous, seeing as how we need both genders for the world to keep functioning.

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A human birth is the highest, but there is no distinction between what gender or race of human birth).

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