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Got it originally to get a different sound to play slide with and it did its job well but ultimately I go for my national over it and don't play it often enough to justify keeping it trapped away in its case most the time.

Comes with the case which I believe is the original (hunleth was one of gibsons biggest accounts at that time).

I'm fairly sure yours has a replacement tailpiece, or at least tailpiece cover. The Blue Book of Guitars guide to Gibson serial numbers, which is what Gibson Inc.

The Elderly one went for 0, and it was in a lot worse shape! references at its website, lists 80300 as the last serial number of 1924, and 9839 as the last FON of 1918.

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Here is a listing of information on the "Bowtie Era" Gibson Banjos: Post War Gibson Serial Numbers These are some interesting vintage Gibson banjos, from 1948 through the 1960's.

No binding, no inlays (except dots), no flange, and an open back for the head. There is a serial number: 8023-15, but I can't seem to track that down anywhere online either, although some sources identify 8XXX serial numbers in general for Gibson banjos as being of 1925 build. Other features: 9" hoop, smaller than what is quoted for the numbered MB-# models I've seen around. Has a lot of history with it including and old signature made with a dip pen which I am guessing is from one of its early owners.It plays great but over all has some wear and tear a bit of rust and oxidation and some mildew spots around the edge from when it must have be stored in a damp environment at some point.

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In any event, I'm trying to pin down exactly what model / year / etc the instrument is.

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