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The third reading occurs after a bill has passed through the consideration stage.

It is signified by a formal Motion and is not accompanied by a debate.

British control was gradually extended over the other small African states or communities on the coast.

In time, this system of irregular jurisdiction was formalized with the establishment of a Supreme Court on the Gold Coast, in 1853, as part of the West African Settlements.

Parliament, however, is only required to consider or reconsider such comments, and is not bound by them. Under Article 106(1) of the 1992 Constitution, Parliament’s legislative power is exercised by passing bills that are assented to by the President.

(Section 1 of the British Settlements Act, 1843).“The Common law, the doctrines of equity, and the statutes of general application which were in force in England at the date when the colony obtained a local legislature, that is to say, on the 24th day of July, 1874, shall be in force within the jurisdiction of the Court.”“Nothing in this Ordinance shall deprive the Supreme Court of the right to observe and enforce the observance, or shall deprive any person of the benefit of any law or custom existing in the said colony and territories subject to its jurisdiction, such law or custom not being repugnant to natural justice, equity and good conscience, nor incompatible either directly or by necessary implication with any enactment of the Colonial legislature”., which exercises all primary legislative functions. All laws continue to apply to the extent that they are not expressly repealed or abrogated.

The second reading occurs after a bill has been referred to the appropriate parliamentary committee.

It is devoted to a preliminary debate of the committee’s report.

He was also a Consultant to the UNCTC in New York and a Legal Assistant to the Iran-US Claims Tribunal at The Hague, the Netherlands. He is currently a Member of the Bars of New York State, United States District Court, Southern and Eastern Districts of New York and The United States Court of Appeals, Second and Third Circuits.

He was formerly Law Lecturer (on National Service) at the University of Ghana, Legon and the University of Jos, Nigeria.

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