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Our company regularly places non-profit inquiry information.To be more precise, in 1998 in “Russian Agroindustrial complex” exhibition catalogue we published contacts of all scientific institutions of Russian Agricultural Academy and some other exclusive materials.Information is what exponents and visitors expect from the catalogue.1) Absolutely all the participants are included into the catalogue free of charge.And this edition won’t be a catalogue any more, that’s a completely different product.Some additional information, which is very essential for exhibitors and exhibition visitors, is often added to the catalogue.Catalogue is the crucial fact in general exhibition analysis.

Perhaps, there exist other points of view as for the catalogue is concerned but, no doubt, their argumentation will be of great interest both to exhibition business specialists and exponents.

The tendency of exhibiting culture evolution has recently been noticed all around the world.

Before making a decision what exhibition to choose exponents prefer to collect information about the history of the exhibition event, exhibiting area, participants and advertising campaign, governmental support etc.

Lots of companies give their preference to work with exhibition catalogues because exhibition participants are mainly companies which firstly try to keep abreast within exhibition industry, secondly strive to business extension and approve of new partnership.

The analogous partners’ search in “Yellow Pages” and industrial inquiry is mostly the waste of time.

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Progress in graphic arts, sure thing, enabled catalogues’ quality improvement.

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