Fun icebreaker questions dating

You can also use this question to jumpstart a conversation about future travel destinations, just don't start planning that epic couples' vacation just yet ...

People often love talking about themselves, and even if your date doesn't, this can be a fun way to get them out of their shell.

That's a great, but ridiculously easy, way to find out the way your date expresses their core values on a daily basis.

And if you're lucky, they'll say "cooking," so you know a great meal could be in your future, served with even better company.

Not only does this question lead into a conversation comparing pop culture tastes, but it also can give you a preview into what you can expect on a "Netflix and chill" night.

If it's Snapchat, then you can probably expect to see your fair share of selfies if the date goes well.

That's when keeping a few first date questions in your back pocket saves the day, er, date.

Not only will they help you break the ice, but with a little luck, they may even help you meet the love of your life.

Their answer will help you figure out if you're compatible based on your possession of that quality and/or how you value that quality in friends, as well.

It's also important to ask because many couples eventually consider each other best friends, along with the ones they had before getting together.

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