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Preach takes the opportunity to try and give the Sheriff a head’s up about the whole wife-beating thing he’s been made wise to, but he’s having none of it.It is, and he’s on some kind of chartered party jet because apparently these guys are too fancy for a mystery bus trip, or possibly none of them can stand to hear “Copperhead Road” again for the rest of their lives, which is fair enough.Unfortunately his bottle of pilot-juice to go has not survived the fall so he’s forced to have a wee drink of a passing cow.Jesse has another Daddy flashback, this time with gunfire before popping in for a visit at Quincannon Meat and Power for a quick chat with Betsy, the domestic abuse victim he’s trying to help only…First off, sorry this recap is like 4 days after the episode aired, but I kind of got pleasantly blindsided by Lightbox even screening it -(there was zero promo of this that I was aware of and trust me, I was looking), and then it was a couple of days before I had the time to actually sit down and write anything because I have a 2 year-old and a day-job, and…you know what.He gives him the same advice he gave him last time which is to be honest with mumsy and open his heart.

It’s Eric Northman’s vampire sister/fuckbuddy from True Blood.

Such as: hair loss, excessive hair growth, constantly puking, Hepatitis A and internal bleedings.

So basically, it MIGHT make you feel better from your current illness, but you get something worse in return.

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