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Simultaneously, the scammer would use another device to log in to the accounts of the chat group members, resulting in them each receiving verification codes on their own device.Just looking for the right hindu girl.i like girls who are interest in believing to mandir that is all.Hobbies: traving, making friends, watching and going to the Beach my passion is that i love the job that i do, l hate smoking,drinking alcohol and also nite clubs i like listening to peoples ideas and learn from them About me: hi every one this is Samson from Uganda aged twenty four years a graduate tall lightskined color from westerns Uganda. Im looking for a friend to chat with a get to know about him/her and their culture. SPF added: “The intent of the scammers is to lure these chat group members to post screenshots of their verification codes in the chat group to share that that they are also experiencing the same situation.The scammers would then take over their Whats App accounts using the verification codes.” People seeking scam-related advice can call the SPF’s anti-scam helpline or visit its Scam Alert website.

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