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He was one of the men responsible for founding the Massachusetts Musical Society [/FONT] [FONT="] in 1825 - Stanislao Mattei, O. This situation was temporary, however as he soon returned to Bologna, where he became the music director at the Church of St.

Petronius.[/FONT] [FONT="]During the occupation of Italy by the French Revolutionary Army, the friary was suppressed and the community of friars scattered.

He died in Fünfkirchen (Hungarian: Pécs), southern Royal Hungary, Imperial Austria.[/FONT] [FONT="]He wrote operas, one wind quintet, three string quartets, and served as a Kapellmeister at several churches.

From 1807 until his death he was choirmaster at what is now Pécs.[/FONT] [FONT="]A large portion of his output is sacred music, including masses and requiems.[/FONT] [FONT="]In 1843, some of his piano- and chamber music works were published by Tobias Haslinger (de) (Vienna), Johann Anton André (Offenbach) and Johann Carl Gombart (de) (Augsburg).[/FONT] [FONT="]His sons, Karl Georg Lickl (1801, Vienna – 1877, Vienna) and Ägid(ius Ferdinand) Karl Lickl (1803, Vienna – 1864, Trieste),[5] were also composers, whose output includes works for piano and for physharmonica, including a transcription of Beethoven's Mass in C major for physharmonica and piano.[/FONT] [FONT="] in 1845 - Gabriel Urbain Faure, Pamiers France, composer (Requiem, Ballade) is born. ) composer (Pink Lady) is born.[/FONT] [FONT="] in 1861 - Christian Heinrich Hohmann, composer, dies at 50.

Their first opera, Leicester, shows evidence of the influence of Gioachino Rossini in its musical style.

Auber soon developed his own voice, however: light, vivacious, graceful, and melodious—characteristically French.

La Muette broke ground also in its use of a ballerina in a leading role (the eponymous mute), and includes long passages of mime music.[/FONT] [FONT="]Official and other dignities testified to the public appreciation of Auber's works.

In 1829 he was elected a member of the Institut de France.

Fra Diavolo,which premiered on 28 January 1830, was his most successful opera.

in 1754 - Franz Anton Hoffmeister, composer is born.[/FONT] [FONT="]in 1776 - Juan Bros y Bertomel, composer is born.

Elias Mann was one of the first American composers. Following his period of novitiate, he was named his mentor's assistant and substitute conductor of the famed girls choir at the church and succeeded him in that position upon his death in 1784.[/FONT] [FONT="]Mattei continued as choir director at the Church of St. He then moved briefly to Padua, where he served in that function for the Basilica of Saint Anthony of Padua, operated by his religious Order.

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Produced in Paris in 1828, it rapidly became a European favourite, and the foundation work of a new genre, grand opera, that was consolidated by Rossini's Guillaume Tell the following year.

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