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I have a definitive answer based on my personal experience.

If you want get and call a girl’s phone number you found online, reconsider this for a second. My goal is to inspire you and to get you thinking from another perspective to increase your awareness, so at last you can find the love you deserve in your life.

Or maybe you just want to practice the latter, but take a second and read my dating advice.Important point to consider: Websites that give a list females’ telephone numbers for dates are not what you think. This will give you a higher probability to find true love.These appear to be dating sites or directories of women’s numbers online, but unfortunately are not. Therefore, if you can metaphorically or literally trash your phone and learn to have some you will be better off.Build your courage and learn to be polite and charming. If you like the above photos of dolls just know princesses of this quality will be inaccessible to you if you squander your libido energies pursuing women’s phone numbers online.Seek purity and love and God will grant you your princess.

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Yes, you do deserve true love, to settle for anything less is swindling yourself out of your own life.

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  1. So, late 20's - early 30's men of Reddit, do you even look at 19 year olds as potential romantic partners, or are they still kids to you? I know it seems like a lot and people will tell you all kinds of crap about being in different stages of life, blah, blah, blah But depending how much effort you both want to put in it's doable..