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1 - Click edit button and make some change 2 - Click update 3 - Page comes back displaying old and new in listboxes 4 - User now has the option of accepting the changes by hitting update a second time which will cause the changes to update the database.5 - User can opt to cancel which aborts entire update cycle Be careful with external controls if you are wondering why I did not use external buttons is because that would not work given that the control order was the formview first' if user hits the update button a second time then allow update ' to take place and here we should also hide the associateted controls ' but you also need a way to bring them back so I will leave that up to ' you.I have written an article an the falacies of the declarative model and this is just but a small example.

That means that you are going to have to exercise some control over the process that would have otherwise been automatically take care of by the Data source control.While there are other techniques you can use with Linq to SQL to avoid the issue above, the point of this post is to show how the Form View handles null values.The workaround is to subscribe to the Form View Item Updating event and look for string.empty New Values and set those to null instead.Here we have a Text Box inside an Update Panel inside the Edit Item Template.Since two way binding is not supported for the First Name Text Box, the special code for extracting values is not generated resulting in null being sent back for the First Name property. I just don't understand why using a nested control doesn't work properly.

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Now, looking at the Autos debug window I see that it's getting the new value for the "comments" field, I changed the value to "Comment1" just so it would stick out.

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