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Even though this type of living arrangement might seem strange to people from other cities, in Amsterdam it is totally normal and residents are generally quite unwilling to relocate due to the city’s ongoing housing crisis.

Although it is possible to live in Amsterdam without learning the local language, residents certainly appreciate the effort and are usually pretty impressed when foreigners can hold together conversations in Dutch.

Compared to other European capitals like London or Paris, Amsterdam is actually pretty small and single people tend to live within the city’s inner neighbourhoods.

It is always worth remembering this before meeting someone, as it might be harder to move elsewhere if you’ve arrived on foot.

Housing in Amsterdam is notoriously expensive and young people tend to live in shared apartments in order to avoid spending all of their income on rent.

I also read about a lot of fake profiles and scammers. So these people just don’t know how to tell a catfish when you see one.

(TIP: if the picture is grainy or blurry it’s because it was screenshot, you can tell almost immediately when a picture wasn’t taken on the phone and it was screenshotted.) Have fun. We are sorry to hear that there are not as many user in your area than you expected.

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