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For now you can start with his download audio/transcript package Finding the One Online.For a sample of the results you could expect creating more funny online dating profiles check out what these men wrote to the women who bought Finding the One Online.

Although I quit doing the one-arm handstands on my bike; you are quite welcome to continue and I’ll be glad to stand by to pick you up and apply the neosporin. Hope you enjoy your evening.”“Ok that is the most fantastic profile written ever…do you really exist?? [Is it FINALLY TIME to Hire a Professional to make simple adjustments to your Online Dating Profile? Instead you receive emails from the 60 year-old creepers who copy and paste the same message to 50 girls half their age.If you’re not sure where to start, here are some tips and examples for creating an intriguing online dating profile.No guy wants to have to squint in order to see what you look like.

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That means having a poor profile can potentially put men off.

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