Evo weather updating to different country

Almost all of it was thrown out as trash at some time! Edge and Firefox return different search results for "weather", using DDG search engine.The keyboard and mouse, and the Graphics Card cost about 20 altogether. This certainly means that the link did not originate from DDG.Doing the same search in Firefox, results in this: There's no link to the site in the search results.

This is a desktop PC with Ethernet connection only, no wireless.

Precipitation in most parts of Iceland, but mostly dry in the evening.

Some oddities between Edge and Firefox on Windows 10, just curious why...

Otherwise IP address may take your location only as near as the ISP router that serves your actual IP address, and every webpage you visit can see that, and locate you perhaps to 60-odd miles away from your home at your ISPs server farm.

Speedtest and ISP enquiries sites identify your current ISP, and may garner your postal code and/or telephone number to identify eligibility for transfer to their services, and to offer customised, better deals than the plan you are using already.

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