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AU slash Ani/Obi Demyx is kidnapped while on a mission with Axel, and is being held hostage by the one he fears most. How would his young parents act towards a child they know nothing about and part of a person, something they hate? Just who is this kid, and what does he have to do with the dead idol, MANA? Not all of them are able to get a real happy ending. But can Antonio tame her heart and can they break the curse before the last tomato spawns? Not because he was named the Crowned Clown but because he just had to fall head over heels with the most uncaring, arrogant and emotionless jerk in the whole wide universe, Kanda Yuu. It's pure ironic isn't it when your new roommate has the exact same personality as the mask you put on. And when he happens upon the greatest prank of all - making the Order's resident cat-and-dog couple fall for each other - they'll be lucky to get out alive. Sam Winchester is an undercover cop who is taken prisoner by Jade aka Dean Campbell the leader of the Rage motorcycle gang. Demyx has a natural talent for causing trouble, even when he isn't trying to. Ooc intencional AU - He'd worked too hard for the old man to screw it up now, and the only way out of it was to convince him to call off the engagement.

He won't be released until he agrees to do what his abductor wants, which he was saved from once before. Pain, anger, and hatred is all that's left in Zero's heart after Kaname's devastating betrayal four years ago; the hunter's brutally damaged heart aching at the mere sight of the Kuran couple. One day Kanda got a hold of Allen's black and gray notebook. Adopted from Moja Ganda's strory ACCIDENTALChiara is by far an average girl. And with a crippling past, who will get him walking again? Allen and Yuu met in a Rejection Center for unsellable NECOs four years ago. Was going to be part of my 'Playtime' series, but didn't fit into the timeline I am going for. Toki Oto, Onesided Nat Syo, Onesided Ren Masa Dean is sent to hell and Sam believes he will never see him again. The next irony would be when he's the only one that accepts you and you end up falling for him. The attraction between them is instant and ultimately undeniable. Worse, Axel is always the one who catches him in the act. Who better to make pose as his lover than the adorable boy working for him?

What if Kaname and Zero's first time meeting went a little different than in the anime? El Mayor secuestra Integra, con ayuda de Walter, y se la lleva al zepelín para atraer a Alucard hacia una trampa, pero por si eso fuera poco le borran la memoria a Integra y le hacen creer que es la esposa del Mayor o.

(Ya lo se una mierda de summary pero esmejor que lo lean) ADVERTENCIA: POSIBLE LEMMON YAOI (chico x chico) Pareja: Riren. Thus the title Say You're Mine updates every Friday Zero , Ichiru Kiryuu and Maria Kurenai are workers at a bakery , whilst Kaname Kuran is a heartbreaking actor. Tú deberás escoger." Historia post-manga con algunos cambios en su estructura básica. A mistake that may have cost the youn greek his life. "Don't you know that you're supposed to return me a gift?I don't know when this obsession began with wanting to know more about him. Dean Winchester is a hunter, Sam is a psychic, a slave since fifteen. Zero turns out to be a 'Carrier Vampire', a male vampire that can bear children. Of course Pacifica can't help but wonder, could Dipper be her knight in shinning armor? Thirty stories featuring Alucard and Integra for a Thirty Kisses Challenge Fic. Yullen, Timmuro When Kaname and Zero get into a fight it all goes south for the pureblood when fluttery feelings towards the hunter start to surface. Una llamada por parte de su hermana, obligó a Lovina a regresar a Italia en compañía de su hijo. Go Mi Nyu once again takes her brothers place & tries to keep her identity hidden. A visit from her aunt, her identity revealed & a night shared in passion gives a happy ending to 2 favorite characters. This is what might have been.should have been…"You're really here. You didn't leave me." Kanda smiles gently and wraps his arms around the small boy's waist, pulling him close and laying a soft kiss on his snow colored locks, "I promised I wouldn't, Didn't I? I know that while he's by my side I'll be able to fight to somehow pull away from the undertow that constantly threatens to drag me into darkness but I don't want him to stay by my side just because of that. The only place were the species are said to truly... Rated M to be safe Dear Bakanda, How on this Akuma-infested earth am I supposed to get used to it if you keep on getting more and more aggressive every time we do it! Some would panic, some would take charge, others would realize they're in over their heads.Here I was trying to decipher him as if he were the greatest enigma in the world. AU: Allen Walker is a student at The Black Order School of Sorcery. How will he survive when almost every vampire wants him as a mate? Mpreg SEQUEL UP - Nine Months of Struggle Every one hundred years a sacrifice is made to the king of beasts. Hope you enjoy and as always please R&R :3 Although this challenge is based on Ax I there will be occasional elements of Sx P."In all the land their is only one who is more fair than thee. Kaname tries to grab the hunters attention but will Zero notice the purebloods advances or will he fall for someone a bit closer to home? A los fantasmas del pasado tarde o temprano hay que enfrentarlos, sobre todo si tienen acento español. LEMON TK/GMN-Necesitaras más que eso, para convencerme de meterme a la boca del lobo. Allen finds out Lavi cheated on him and they break up. Sesshyx Kikyo Lenalee discovers Allen and Kanda making out but she wants to make sure what she saw was true. But there is something Lenalee does not know and Lavi doesn't bother to tell her. A short poem from Anakin's point of view, reflecting on his marriage with Padme, but his love for Obi-Wan. -Allen Sequel to 'Dear Anyone' and 'Dear Everyone' Yullen Nothing not even that demon's death will purify my soul… A Little Yaoi She opened her eyes and found him standing over her. In a game of survival, there's nowhere else to run but to each other.El decide irse de Japón y devolverse a Inglaterra, su hogar de origen. Will she learn to live with them or want to go back home again? Zero will need help of his friends to remember who he once was and what had happened to his home. When he finds himself as the mate of none other then Kaname Kuran old memories re-surface. This is a partial Song-Fic, inspired by Andrew Lloyd Webber's 'Love Never Dies', the sequel to Phantom of the Opera. Es corto y -si no conoces la canción- algo confuso. Mientras afuera hay tempestad, en su lecho solo hay lugar para la pasión y nuevos sentimientos. What happens when he starts to feel something more, something real?Kanda Yuu, al enterarse, lo busca y le explica que todo fue una trampa. Mikasa x Eren Victorian Era AU- Eren Jaeger, son of a wealthy doctor and medical researcher is arranged to marry Mikato Ackerman in order to save the two families business. Perhaps if he knew who she was, it would change something. Romanoun nuevo año en una escuela diferente donde no conoces a nadie que destino se te puede esperar nuevos amigos , nuevas aventuras un nuevo amor ? No one ever understand them better than Eren do at all. Can he remember before its too late and everything is destroyed? The only thing now is to surpass the the pains of the past and learn to love again. "Cuando Integra se compromete con alguien, Alucard se dará cuenta que la está perdiendo... Nezumix Sion Allen has rejoined a gang that goes by the name of Noah, but he is also studying to join the Dark Order which is a special Organization that works under direct orders of the king... Lovina is in love with Antonio, but she'll never tell him. Italyx America love triangle Gambled away to the Inu no Taisho, Kikyo is forced to live in Demons' Nook. Solo finge ser yo.-espeto Kanda mientras tronaba la lengua y se resignaba a estar en ese cuerpo que no era suyo."II. Axel and Demyx, two boys with similar personalities but pasts of a different nature. Vash thought it would be a simple trip to the super market to get valentine candy for…a certain someone, until that certain someone appears there…for the same reason. Ax ISuzaku has been Zero for quite some time, and has still managed to keep together the Black Knights.

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