Entitymanager merge not updating database

We can detach and merge the instance of entities in persistence context.Here we will discuss plays around persistence context.The entity will be converted to DTO (Data Transfer Object) which will be mapped to entities.// Implementatino class for CRUD operations public class Employee Crud Impl implements Employee Crud{ public Employee BE save Employee(Employee BE employee BE) public Employee BE update Employee(Employee BE employee BE) @Suppress Warnings("unchecked") public List If you observe the screenshot the version became 1 but the object is the old one that means with version 0.

The lifecycle of entity instances are managed within the persistence context using <? > <persistence xmlns=" xmlns:xsi=" xsi:schema Location=" version="2.0"> <persistence-unit name="com.concretepage"> <description> JPA Demo</description> <provider>org.

Hibernate Persistence</provider> <class>com.concretepage.entity. Farmer</class> <properties> <property name="hibernate.dialect" value="org.hibernate.dialect. My SQLDialect"/> <property name="hibernate.hbm2ddl.auto" value="update"/> <property name="javax.driver" value="com.

Driver"/> <property name="javax.url" value="jdbc:mysql://localhost/concretepage"/> <property name="javax.user" value="root"/> <property name="javax.password" value=""/> </properties> </persistence-unit> </persistence> package com.concretepage.entity; import javax.persistence.

Then follow eithr4 of these two techniques depending on your requirement. For each change they may or may not increase based on persistence provider implementation.

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You can still access the associated properties author and comments and the associated objects they contain. Instead of passing you back a real Author instance and a collection of comments Doctrine will create proxy instances for you.

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