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An elevator pitch is a conversation, or an ice breaker, that will (hopefully) lead into a deeper dialogue about the functionality, and specialty, of what you and your company can offer.In practice you typically have just 60 seconds to leave an exciting, impactful and meaningful impression with whomever you come in contact with. Here are 5 tips that can help you develop your pitch: People can be kind, loving and caring, but sometimes it really comes down to answering that oh-so-pivotal question: "What can you do for me?It shows that you have credibility and you are growing.If this person's competition isn't using your service or products, the question is, why not?Hi, I'm Amanda Augustine, career advice expert for Top Resume.I'm a certified professional career coach and resume writer who is passionate about helping job seekers find careers they love, faster. Personalize this person's problem into a question and give them the best solution: your company.Related: Why You Need to Get Out of Town Now If you have worked with some big name brands already, or even the competitors of the person that you are pitching to, don’t be afraid to mention that.

Elevator pitches are meant to be short, so don't try to pack in too much.

Private equity is a 0 billion a year market, with over 400,000 entrepreneurs aggressively seeking capital at any given time.

Seeking offers entrepreneurs and investors an efficient and uniquely interactive method for obtaining or investing capital in pre-IPO companies.

I occasionally intentionally call people the wrong name if they start to get too chummy with me.

As I type this, I am wearing a shirt that says, “I didn’t choose the grumpy life.

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