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Only the evolved kinds of elementals can incarnate in human form.Many are like children and are not mature; they are endlessly mischievous and would not understand the human world.So when an elemental incarnates, they are evolved and serious about their mission, which is usually to help nature and the planet in some important way.Now that you know about elementals, how can you recognise if you are one, or someone you know? The following is a list of the most common elemental traits: , protective of nature, an anger at anyone who harms the natural world (yes that includes litterbugs)., like in a fairytale except it happens for reasons of teaching humanity.

When inclined, they are prone to being aloof, which is an indication that they need to be alone.

Also, elementals work well with incarnated angels as partners since they are quite similar.

Both the angels and the elementals dance to the beat of their own drums, neither listening much to authority, and both are very light and fun-loving. They seem to carry around a lot of anger and can also suffer with addictions.

They work to stop pollution, deforestation and other harmful or deliberate acts against Mother Earth. You can't stop them from doing this, it is part of the world they come from.

Unlike humans who are overly serious, elementals haven't lost their way and are linked to their true nature. They are prone to party a lot, even partying into old age, and may seem like they never really grow up.

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The elementals are basically nature spirits and can be broken into the four elements of earth, air, water and fire.

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