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In Ubuntu, the X configuration directory can be found at /usr/lib/X11/d.Many of the configurations settings in use aren't explicitly set by the files in this directory, but are rather hard-coded into the system.It is a big relief for Linux gamers who use software like Steam to play games.We no longer need to worry about Nvidia drivers updates.Though there were NVIDIA drivers updates available but through third-party PPAs.But no more installation of third-party PPAs in Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.This how you install Nvidia GPUs drivers for computers with Nvidia cards installed. Even though the wireless adapter is connected to the computer, it may not have been recognized as a network device by the computer.

The approach of providing Nvidia drivers updates through default repositories is not unique. OS from System76 also provides graphics drivers updates to its AMD and Nvidia users. OS, other Linux distros based on Ubuntu 18.04 will also have the capability of updating drivers from PPA.Ubuntu LTS versions get only major LTS updates for all preinstalled applications such as Libre Office.For frequently updated applications such as Chromium and Mozilla Firefox, there is a program called SRU(Stable Release Updates).To get specific help, look at the support options on your distribution’s website.These might include mailing lists and web chats where you can ask about your wireless adapter, for example.

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Ubuntu is now going to provide the latest NVIDIA drivers updates to its long term release users starting from its latest LTS release Ubuntu 18.04.

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