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When I had gone on two dates with each of the daddies and I had to make a choice, there was no question that I would pick Hugo. As reported by TMW among others, there’s an attention grabbing new Kickstarter campaign by a company out of Chicago calling themselves “Immigrant Father Studios.” The Kickstarter campaign involves the creation and distribution of a new video game. I can only assume that means through backdoor financial records and document trailing, but who knows.

The social-media app of choice here is called “Dadbook,” and unlike Grindr, all of the dads are very responsive.

Sure, turning an uptight (and murderous) bunch of squares into objectified sex bois could be good for a giggle or two.

But what IS the actual point of a “Meet’N’Fuck’N’Kill simulator” like this?

Depending on your narrative decisions, these endings can range from a happily ever after to ones that are like, So this ranking of daddies is necessarily subjective, because it is about the daddy that my dadsona, i.e.

my drunk self on a Thursday night, wants to be with.

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  1. November 10, Zhabei District Court office staff on the phone told China News Weekly, the compensated dating girl case already had a verdict, but what kind of sentencing and punishments are not be disclosed because the case involved, after all, many minors.