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This lace is curried around on the brim to the back and hangs down In a large knot on the hack.

She showed me so many dainty hits of winter hat finery that I cannot recall hut a few definitely.

Around the base of the crown was a wreath of jacqueonmot roses and fallin gover the left side were two three-quarter shaded light blue feathers..

Another dress hat was in pink velvet in a small sailor shape. From the base nf the crown a piece of sluver mahne is laid on htr* frame, which Is covered with lace.

In the dress hats Miss Ketchen showed me a trl-cornered shape in Alice blue velvet covered tight.

This shape is turned up high in the hack with narrow loops Inside Just reaching to the edge «f the turned up brim. Collier Co., Canada Northern block, showed a re-porter more evidence in the same line in the form of letters received from this attorney offering to forward a client to look over property ottered for sale by Mr.

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Three white plumes nodded gaily over the rim of the bonnet, which is to be worn with ties, and the dainty miss who secures this will be a sweet reproduction «if the days of Queen Bess. -to-wears Miss Bain is showing a large assortment of polo turbans an da tailored hat. In this well-appointed showroom the most fastidious can be suited, and Miss Bain3 artistic fingers are in evidence in r\*rry corner of the store. An odd combination of « "luring shown in a gun-metal French felt plaque turned up in tho back and faced with Alice blue felt over which is laid Alice blue breast hands.

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