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He promises to treat her like a princess and do anything to make her happy.The woman is touched and moved by his sincerity, but still finds that something is missing.And when she actually does encounter a sensitive guy, she is likely to cry on his shoulder and complain about her boyfriend for hours together.The sensitive guy keeps asking (or should I say "begging") her to give him just one chance!A man's psychological attitude can be analysed in several dimensions/spectrums, and I will focus on two such dimensions for now: Sometimes you meet a woman that tells you she wants a sensitive guy, and keeps complaining about what a nasty jerk her boyfriend is!

Her friends tell her that she has the best thing going for her, but she is somehow not happy with him!Doc Love recommends measuring it on a scale of 0-100%, which I follow myself.As long as her Interest Level in you is over 50%, you always have a chance of raising it to 100% by practising the three manly traits mentioned earlier: CHALLENGE, CONFIDENCE and CONTROL.But when it comes to keeping a woman, most of them have no clue!Doc Love’s profound knowledge and wisdom comes from having interviewed more than 10,000 women during the last 35 years, and posed to them some very fundamental questions on why they stay with one man versus another.

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She harbours a subconscious belief that she does not deserve to be treated well, and the Macho Boy provides her the perfect validation for her beliefs.

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