Developing and validating multiple choice test item jay kenneth johnson who is he dating

It is very timely in this era of burgeoning testing programs, especially when these items are delivered in a computer-based environment.

Key features include: Comprehensive and Flexible--No other book so thoroughly covers the field of test item development and its various applications.

After some obligatory introductory philosophizing, the book walks you through the various multiple choice item formats (of which there are way more than I realized), then moved on to how to actually generate the items and how to check over them to make sure they're valid for whatever use you have in mind.

The work is replete with practical "how to" kinds of advice in the forms of rules, check lists, and examples of good/bad items.

As they grow in importance and use, testing programs increasingly supplement the use of selected-response (multiple-choice) items with constructed-response formats. As a result, a new item writing book is needed, one that provides comprehensive coverage of both types of items and of the validity theory underlying them.

This book is an outgrowth of the author's previous book, Developing and Validating Multiple-Choice Test Items, 3e (Haladyna, 2004).

But most of those asides were self-contained and easy to skim, so it worked out fine.I picked it up because I was developing a high stakes, multiple-choice test for a work project and wanted to make sure I was doing things right and covering all the bases.I generated double fist fulls of these kinds of tests when I taught undergraduate classes at the University of Missouri, but apparently I and everyone else going all the way back to my grade school was doing it ALL WRONG. What I like about Developing and Validating Multiple-Choice Test Items is that it picks a focus and sticks with it.This book explains writing effective multiple-choice test items and studying responses to items to evaluate and improve them, two topics that are very important in the development of many cognitive tests.PGDirect is an online bookstore that has embraced the concept of direct to consumer selling for self-published books, softcover and hardcover books, specialty books, children's books, hard to find books, college textbooks, print on demand books and more.

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