Denise richards dating richie sambora again

" Paparazzi were climbing over the fence to try to get shots of me inside my house.I had to hire a security guard to live with me and I kept the shades down at all times. In May, Richie went on tour in Europe and I decided to go with him. And the text that accompanied the photos was horrible too.But my publicist called and said, "They're putting you on the cover of ." When the story ran, the cover line was "Why She Left Charlie".After that, there was a story in the tabloids every single week.From what I remember, he had already photographed me and asked for another photo.I said, "If I give you a couple of pictures, will you stop shooting and allow me to focus on my scene?In March 2005, when I was six months pregnant with my second daughter, Lola, I made the hardest decision I've ever had to make and broke up with my husband.I thought the story would run as a little blurb in the press.

And if I had felt there was chance of those two putting their marriage back together, I never would have gotten involved with him.

I don't want to go into the details of what caused our rift—Heather and Richie have a nine-year-old daughter and I don't want her to read these personal things in the press.

I will say this: I did not have an affair with Richie during his marriage—even Charlie would vouch for that—and there are two sides to every story.

Here's what it has been like to walk by newsstands and see myself labeled a home wrecker and a husband stealer.

It wasn't the first time I'd experienced that level of media scrutiny.

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