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I've tried to contact her even on the social media, but since two months ago, I've let it go. BRADLEY' S POV I lay in bed so blue, I don't want to do anything. Char is on the other part of the globe and she doesn't even speak with me. I've promised my fans to make a Facebook chat tonight as an early Christmas present. I heart the chat window popping and I see that it's Rachel. - Can you please confirm your presence at the Christmas dinner? I've made some friends here and their are awesome but none are like my friends back home. Christmas is coming but I am not ready to go back and face them. I call Rachel from time to time just to check in with everyone and especially with her pregnancy.

I guess that is what you do these days when your schedules are too hectic. ” It seems as if Demi wants to do more than just duet with One Direction! Would Niall Horan and Demi Lovato make a good couple?

YOU ARE READING Teen Fiction Charlotte's a shy but very talented girl. She enters a contest to meet him but everything is not what it seems. I'll tell my family that I'll be in London, because I don't want Bradley or whoever to come after me. Man, I've become really good at this after all I've been through. Because I've been standing in front of the door, ringing for like ten minutes.

Then she meets Bradley a very sweet boy and also a super star and she realizes that the world is sma... CHAR' S POV Just when I started to believe that my life was going to be good, when I started to believe that we were going to be ok pain struck again. I hear my phone ringing and when I check I see Cleo's name on it. I wanted to tell my sister but she is been avoiding me lately.

I'll be going there for my last year of studency.

Everyone was there, but he didn't want to see anyone.

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Ricky is slowly recovering his voice but he is afraid of trying to sing.

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