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People are worthy of respect, support, and caring simply because they are human.”I don’t agree with them on everything and in some ways I find them rather naïve but clearly their hearts are in the right place.They tend to tread very delicately around controversial issues but do have several pages related to the evolution versus creationism question.The dishonesty of Christians, whether pitching creationism, biblical inerrancy, bible instruction in the public schools, the display of Christian icons in public places or the denial of gay marriage, is legendary.The dishonesty of Christians is what demonstrates that Christianity is a bankrupt philosophy undeserving of respect or adherence.

Finally, Creation Wiki makes the assertion that if you plug these values (.008812 seconds per year and 3.82 cm per year) into the “laws of physics,” without ever articulating those laws, one can show that the earth cannot be older than 1.2 billion years so therefore evolution is impossible.If you’re not familiar with “Religious” it’s a web site maintained by the Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance and is about as neutral a site as exists when it comes to religion.They stand for tolerance and mutual respect and say in their statement of beliefs that they believe “In the inherent worth of every person.Attempts to correct these websites are probably not worth pursuing.”Yup, I’ve also learned that any "meaningful dialog" is impossible.However, there is a more sophisticated creationist argument revolving around the slowing of the earth’s rotation.

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