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Since the lack of maintenance, the building status no longer suits modern lifestyles, the main focus is to resolve functions that can meet the needs of modern daily life, such as air conditioning, heating system, shower room etc.

The house renovation project is an experiment and exploration of urban regeneration of historic area, by introducing new and high-quality lifestyle into the old architectures, offers an opportunity for the historic town to revive under the modern context.Ku Hye-Sun opened her first painting exhibition "Tango" (inspired by the paintings from her novel "Tango") from July 1st to July 7th, 2009 at the Gallery La Mer in Insa-dong, central Seoul.[1] Co-stars from "Boys Over Flowers," Lee Min-Ho & Kim Jun made surprise appearances during the exhibition's opening day. ku hye sun we like you very from the time we watch pure nineteen until now you are a amazing with good heart from out and inside we wish you best of luck and happiness and stay healthy with your husband ahn jae hyeon forever Ku Hye Sun you are my idol, starting from the Boys Over Flowers, until Now You are an amazing person, you are good influence to your fans :) i wish you can have once again to work with lee min ho because you are so perfect couple, i Wish you luck and Godbless and Stay inlove with Ahn Jae-Hyeon I adored seeing you in boys over flowers. Wishing you a long and happy married life with your husband Ahn jae hyun. :) i'm pretty sure that those who accuse you are jealous and they're trying their best to break you down !! Keep on doing, what you're doing, and never forget that there are millions of us (across the globe) who love and admire you. Its making you look old than your age,too old fashion. I like to thank the director who chose you for this role coz you showed your versalitity as an actress. I like your "Boys over flower" most thourally I watch the BOF once a day,,,,,,,,,, Mostly I like your pretty behaviour in BOF............... Have a good day Om Mane Padhme Hum hi jian di...make me breathless.....wishing you n jun pyo in coming boys over flowers 2...cute face and emotional drives me in bof 2...i want to see u wed with jun pyo...u so much... Hye-seon also released her first album in October, 2009. I instantly fell in love with you and Jandi the second I started watching boys over flowers!! And I'm waiting with impatiently for your next drama. So don't give up in acting and show them the opposit !! I hope in your next drama,you wear girl clothes for a change. In Angel Eyes its drama,here you are awesome,you carry the role very well. Young Lady Koo Hye Sun is exceptional, charming and a complete artist. Her great performing in the drama Blood is increasing the fans that are anxious to enjoy it every week. Love from South America Goo Hye Sun remind me Bette Davis the greatest and unforgettable actress of all times for moviegoers like me. she gaved best fully Supporter to Ghu Jun Pyo ( Lee Min Ho). The renovation project aims to transform the historical house into a modern apartment.For the renovation of the four old houses, all the original wooden structure is preserved with simple reinforcement and restoration.

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