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And if the meeting will be held at the café with music and dancing, you will be able to dance with girlfriend, then you can understand each other as partners. Spanish people believe that people who do not sleep from 3 to 5 p.m. The worldview of the person from Spain is determined by its family.

If in flamenco your movements will be compatible and you will move to the beat, then this meeting will be the key to your happy life. For them mums, dads, grandparents and other relatives are the most important people in life.

Usually families relax at the sea with the loud music.

The main tradition of most Spanish women is daily meetings with friends in a cafe over a cup of coffee.

In the morning when the husband goes to work, and the children go to school, the women get together to chat.

The main attribute will be grilled meat and seafood dishes. It is played on 22 of December and is considered the largest lottery in the world.

Almost in every city of the country holidays and fireworks are organized. This event is being watched by millions of viewers.

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A little secret for you: if you want to win the heart of the Spanish bride, you can learn native art.

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