Dating tips 4 christian singles

But God also designed singleness to reflect the gospel.Keep in mind the following points: Singleness portrays the Christian’s ultimate identity in Christ. While culture may try to persuade you that romantic and sexual attention are needed to complete you, the gospel subverts this message.Culture will try to convince you of several lies concerning your identity as a single person.

The church’s submissive love to Christ portrays a person’s submissive love for their spouse (Ephesians 5).

First, there is the temptation to idolize independence.

Instead of taking Paul’s words and seeing that the unmarried man is free to be concerned with the needs of the Lord, we idolize our independence and indulge in living for ourselves.

Paul’s primary message in 1 Corinthians 7 appears to be about contentment.

He advises the Christian to “live as you are called.” This basically means that the single person is not incomplete nor lacking in the eyes of God. Also, we must learn to be at peace even in the waiting season.

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