Dating someone who is guarded

Whether or not such contention is acceptable or not is up to the individual.

However, if you truly love the person, you will – at the very least – try and find a way to make the relationship work.

As such, the main difference between those who “dust off and carry on,” and those who guard themselves comes down to trust.

The ability to trust someone else and confidence in their own self-trust.

For others, it’s important to be realistic about the nature of your relationship (e.g.

you’re not in love, or the situation is too stressful.) Numerous unforeseen challenges will test your determination, patience, and, yes, your love. Tell them you care about them – and that they’re worthy of the best that life has to offer.

In a situation where the person you care for has been emotionally and/or physically abused, it’s essential to have appropriate expectations.

Hiding or manipulating the truth is worse than being honest, even if said honesty results in someone you love experiencing hurt.

Unfortunately, having been hurt in the past has led us to be untrusting of ourselves, and we will always second guess ourselves when start to be attracted to a certain someone.

But if you don’t mind wading into a relationship with us, it will show you’re able to accommodate to our needs.

As an analogy…If your computer was hacked, what would you do? In the same (albeit, more humanistic) way, those whose trust has been violated secure and safeguard their emotions.

Similarly, someone whose trust has been abused instinctively begin to fortify a defensive position.

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Since it’s incredibly hard for us to trust anyone, we don’t dive into relationships head first.

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