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After several long and very beautiful emails were exchanged between us the correspondence immediately stopped after he asked to call me and then never did.He told me that my e-mails were beautiful & that I seemed to be exactly what he was looking for in a wife.I hesitated to reply because I had never responded to a man online before.I should have gone with my gut instincts because he ended up truly breaking my heart, so much so that I am leery of any relationship now.He was just so charming and said the most beautiful things, actually everything a woman loves to hear.That did throw up a red flag, but I really wanted to see how far this online relationship would go.

I thought this was an amazing coincidence at the time.He immediately asked he to correspond via personal e-mail so I agreed.He said he owned his own business and was currently building an oil platform near Capetown, Africa and that the job would end in mid April when he would return home.He called incessantly all night and all the next 2 days, I did not answer. The worst part is that I sent him pictures of my son and his fiance which I fear he will use.What he did not count on is that countless friends came to me in the days before warning me this might be a hoax and I remembered God’s word telling us to test everything.

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