Dating pisces man

As a result, many men born under this Star Sign are strongly intuitive and also creatively gifted.At the same time, their ability to readily empathize with others’ feelings gives them a lot of compassion for other people's suffering.Like other signs ruled by the outer planets, Pisces identifies with people near their own age and the events of their generation.In mythology, Neptune was the son of taskmaster Saturn and the brother of expansive Jupiter.You know that love with a Pisces man will never be ordinary or in any way straightforward.

The fishes’ river runs deep and Pisces often seems a contradiction in living. It is a rare Pisces that does not have psychic abilities, which can make him a wonderfully attentive lover who can anticipate your every desire.

The Pisces man’s tender-heartedness leads some to see him as a bit of a softie and the kind of date who can easily be bossed around.

True, he’s highly compassionate, at times very self-sacrificing, and personal assertiveness isn’t his strong suit.

Your Pisces date wants you to look like a fairytale princess, so dress femininely and choose a vintage outfit in a boho, floaty style.

Focus your conversation on topics that will spark off his imagination, such as a song or a book you have recently enjoyed, but avoid scientific or technical subjects which are more likely to leave him cold.

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He also loves to know all your secrets and you can rest assured that they are safe with him.

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