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Not only that, the way someone treats their pets might just indicate how caring they will be as a partner... It might be time to get a dog: our latest user survey has revealed that Canadian singles think that dog owners are extra attractive.What’s more, of self-described dog lovers say they’re more attracted to someone who owns a pooch.But what happens if you don’t have a friendly canine to play Cupid?If you’ve got a cat, you might still be in luck – 11% of singles who like pet owners (and 49% of self-described cat lovers) think that owning a moggy boosts someone’s attraction factor.Meanwhile, 5% would like you to have both a dog The survey also found that a great place to make the most of this attraction boost is online: 68% of singles say it’s extra attractive when a person’s dating profile photo includes a pet.

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While the survey showed that 60% of Canadians think that owning any pet at all makes someone more attractive, dogs were crowned the best of the best.

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