Dating oil lamps

They are made from redware (pottery), reverse painted glass, hand painted milk glass and metals ranging from cast spelter to tin.

The pictured antique oil lamps (from left to right) show a milk glass stem with an amber glass font; a reverse painted stem with a clear glass font; a hand painted milk glass stem with a clear glass font and finally a redware stem with a roughened (frosted) glass font.

We have grouped our antique oil lamps into general categories.

Simply click on the title to see lamps from within that category.

Lamps of every type, from the early oil-burning Betty and Phoebe lamps to the recent electric lamps with glass or beaded shades, interest collectors.

We ship internationally and take great pride in the way in which we package our lamps to ensure safe delivery.Some bases are slate or soapstone but commonly they are cast iron and come in a variety of mouldings.Most fonts are clear glass, though coloured glass is also seen. The greatest diversity of materials and form is exhibited in the stems.The base section of some lamps is the actual oil font but the majority of these antique oil lamps have a removable “slip” font.They are usually brass and sit inside the glass “vase” base.

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