Dating nanjing girls

I’d emphasize that the pedestrianized Nanjing Road East is a must visit attraction in Shanghai city.

The whole street is around 1.2km, and a 15 minutes of slow walking would be good enough to complete a one way Nanjing Lu trip.

One such person who followed me, informed that it’s just for RMB 100.

It seems that she even messaged me from her another fake account (Daisy).She wanted me to take her for dinner, and I said I wasn’t hungry. Since we couldn’t reach a consensus about dinner, we said bye to each-other.One of the 7 ladies didn’t reply to my messages, maybe she found another guy.The widely known Nanjing Lu scam is associated with these non-Shanghai girls that I witnessed during my Shanghai city trip in February, 2018.In this post, I’ll be sharing my personal experiences about the Nanjing Lu scam.

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The night market is located in the Nanjing Road East.

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