Dating my husband during separation

I was so in love—and in lust—that I never felt like I was, well, missing out.In fact, I felt safe and secure, and didn't worry about waking up next to someone whose name I couldn't remember.We had grown into different people with very different interests.

While most people would cringe at the thought of missing out on dating during the years when it's socially acceptable to do a walk of shame, I didn't care.

While I totally understood sleeping with someone you weren't with, I never could quite grasp the idea of having that someone be a person you met less than 24 hours (or maybe even two) prior.

Now, don't go labeling me as an ignorant, unaware, or sexually timid woman who wasted her early adulthood. In fact, I like to think I'm the exact opposite—someone who's strong (I was the president of my industry organizations), independent (you can count me as the main breadwinner of the relationship), and respected by the people I meet.

I went to work and could focus better than I had in months. The re-start button was officially pushed, and I had this one moment to thank.

What may have been just another one-night stand to a very carefree, attractive guy was quite possibly the biggest turning point in my life.

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But then I took a moment to think—about why I should resist, about whether wanting to pursue something made me less of a woman, and if acting on my emotions—rather than a well-thought-out plan, per usual— was really that big of a deal.

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