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The first few miles of any new road can be bumpy, but that doesn’t mean it’s an altogether bad road. Some things creep up and come out in a way a person might never know until a man and woman share a roof.In some cases, there can be no reparation and the two parties will really have a miserable marriage if they stay together.Sometimes you need to sacrifice yourself so the other person can shine. How does the “love love love” feeling drastically switch (in such a short time) to “divorce”?Could it be we are not teaching ourselves that problems can come up and we need to deal with them?

One of the last statements in Tractate Gittin (90b) is Rabbi Elazar’s comment that when a divorce takes place, even the mizbeach (altar) sheds tears.

Unquestionably, men and women go into marriages with different expectations.

Men and women have different needs spiritually, emotionally, and physically. But they each need to know in advance that not only is the marriage a partnership, but it is also a team. In all the hours dating and talking and sharing dreams, what is missed?

Measuring tapes to check lengths of skirts, sleeves, and hat-brims. (What does any of this have to do with whether the dating couple will honor, respect and care for each other in what will hopefully be a long marriage?

)It’s been said before that people get more excited about, and put way more hours into, preparing what will be a five-hour wedding than what should be, in good health, a fifty-plus years marriage.

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