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However, both types of men wrestled with feelings of inadequacy about his ability to provide for the family when the wife worked.Men’s social role of being the devoted breadwinner remains a burden.But what of those men who do not fit into the social role?

One of the key ideas of the ethic is selfless loyalty and dedication to the emperor. Basically, men were expected to run the show and earn the family’s wealth.

Many trees have died to research the effects of Japan’s patriarchal society on women. Surprisingly, not as much research has been done on men.

Patriarchal societies may appear to be a man’s paradise, but these societies place a heavy burden on men, perhaps even heavier than on women.

Many people get upset about female gender roles and the submissive nature of those roles. Being the head of the household and forced to wield authority over women and other people lower in the social order can be a problem for some men.

Of course, many men (and women for that matter) enjoy lording over others.

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